Retirement Reforms Are Necessary—So Is Strengthening Social Security

In light of growing calls for retirement system reform, this report assesses the economic effects of Social Security, concluding that any reforms to federal retirement policy must be built on the foundation of a protected and strengthened Social Security system.

December 2022 · Owen F. Davis, Siavash Radpour, Eva Conway, Teresa Ghilarducci

Dissecting the Pandemic Retirement Surge

This report explores the drivers of the pandemic retirement surge. Contrary to other contributions that posited a major role for diminished flows out of retirement, we find that increased transitions from the labor force to retirement drove the trend.

December 2021 · Owen F. Davis, Siavash Radpour

The Pandemic Retirement Surge Increased Retirement Inequality

The pandemic led to a significant shift in retirement and employment outcomes for older workers. This report quantifies the scale of the Covid-19 retirement boom and explores disparities by race and education in pandemic labor market outcomes.

June 2021 · Owen F. Davis, Bridget Fisher, Teresa Ghilarducci, and "Siavash Radpour"

A First in Nearly 50 Years, Older Workers Face Higher Unemployment Than Mid-Career Workers

This report examines labor market outcomes for older workers in comparison to younger and mid-career workers in the first six months of the pandemic. It document a historically unusual unemployment gap between older workers and their mid-career counterparts.

October 2020 · Owen F. Davis, Bridget Fisher, Teresa Ghilarducci, Siavash Radpour

The Next Shareholder Revolution

This report analyzes the history of social reformers interested in using financial technologies and institutions for egalitarian ends and explores three current-day sources of such influence: ethical shareholder activists, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds.

January 2019 · Owen F. Davis